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Thane Pullan

Hello, I am Thane Pullan, but you probably knew that. I have been blogging online for years and love it! I love blogging about politics and myself. (yes I am probably a narcissist)

I make an effort not to rely on third party services like wordpress and have dedicated domains for each blog. However this comes at a price. This is a hobby of mine so I am happy to pay, however I have now decided to accept contributions to hopefully lessen or eliminate the costs on me. I do spend a few hours a week blogging, sometimes six.

I also want to venture into animation eventually, and getting the right software and hardware is going to be expensive. Animation is another potential revenue stream for me. It is another outlet for my revenue and creativity. I am a funny guy, imagine the comedy I can create with a proper animation setup.

If you don't want to donate, fine. You can continue to enjoy my written content for free. If you like my work please consider donating. If you think that there are better causes in the world, fair enough! Thanks for reading!

Go to While there feel free to buy my book!